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Nashville Nights

Moonshine Whiskey

€ 34.00

Product description

Nashville Nights Odense XXX Tin Can Moonshine

Nashville Nights Odense XXX is a complex moonshine with a completely clean taste. It can be drunk straight - or mixed into cocktails. Best enjoyed in good company, where the music is cranked all the way up.

Nashville Nights Odense XXX Moonshine is part of Knaplund's series called ''Booze to the People'', which is a collaboration with The series is made in connection with Nashville Nights - Songwriters festival Odense.

Distillery: Knaplund Distillery

Age: NA

Type: Moonshine

Batch no: 01

Alc. strength: 40%

50 cl.

Other: Delivered in a nice tin can designed as an oil container.